[Fotos] Antes y después de joven británica tras superar trastorno alimenticio

Connie cuenta su historia a través de foto con el objetivo que personas que estén pasando por esto la tomen de ejemplo.

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Connie una joven británica, de 21 años, ha decidido contra su historia por medio de sus redes sociales, cómo salió de la anorexia, enfermedad que casi la lleva a la muerte. 

Durante 10 años Connie padeció de desorden alimenticio y ahora que logró salir de la enfermada, quiere animar a las personas que también padecen de esto para que quieran y valoren su cuerpo.

En una de las publicaciones la británica dice “Si usted ha sido rechazado debido a su peso, color de piel o género, ¡lucha como el infierno!”.

Recovering from an eating disorder is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Anorexia has taken over so much of my life. I've been struggling with it for nearly 10 years. There is 8 years between these photos and in that time I have restored weight and relapsed countless times. I have tormented myself mentally and physically. I told myself I was useless, ugly, horrible and unworthy of a good life. I have hated my body. I've starved it, I've hurt it and I've left unmeasurable damage. But not anymore. I will not bully myself anymore. I do still get those urges. The urge to be thinner, to punish myself. But I know that if I give in I would lose so much more than weight. I would lose my friends, my boyfriend, my love of art and photography, my desire to be alive and most of all I would lose myself. But I have come so far in the time between these pictures. I have learnt so much about myself and I've grown into a woman I am proud to be. I have finally realised that I am worthy. It doesn't matter what I look like or what the number on the scale says. It only matters that I grab my life and I enjoy it. Have fun with my friends, love uni, love my boyfriend. BE HAPPY! 'Bullying takes many forms- sometimes you have to protect you from yourself. Love yourself. Your worth it!' ♥️♥️♥️ #edcommunity#eatingdisorder#anawho#fuckana#prorecovery#depressed#anxiety#edworrior#edarmy#edfamiliy#realrecovery#mentalillness#edfam#recoveryispossible#anorexianervosa#fuckanorexia#nourishtoflorish#nourishnotpunish#nourishyourbody#fighting#foodblogger#2fab4ana#bodypositive#transformationthursday#beautiful#pisitive#bodyposi#keepgoing#loveyourself

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