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    Abogados de Cúcuta advierten riesgos en modificar contratos de obra pública del AMC- Imagen de Referencia
    Mujer policía en el Aeropuerto (Getty Images)
    Gaza (---), 27/11/2023.- Palestinians make their way from the northern Gaza to southern Gaza along Salah Al Din road in the Gaza Strip, 27 November 2023. After Israel and Hamas agreed to a four-day ceasefire, mediated by Qatar, the US, and Egypt, that came into effect at 05:00 AM GMT on 24 November, some Palestinians who were still in central Gaza moved towards the south while others already displaced in the south went back to the northern part to check on relatives they had left behind and on their homes to collect salvageable belongings. As part of the ceasefire, the agreement included that 50 Israeli hostages, women and children, are to be released by Hamas. 150 Palestinian women and children that were detained in Israeli prisons are to be released in exchange. More than 14,000 Palestinians and at least 1,200 Israelis have been killed, according to the Gaza Government media office and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), since Hamas militants launched an attack against Israel from the Gaza Strip on 07 October, and the Israeli operations in Gaza and the West Bank which followed it. (Egipto, Catar) EFE/EPA/MOHAMMED SABER
    Ramses Vargas, rector Universidad Autónoma del Caribe. Foto: Colprensa

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